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Citadel Capital’s Rift Valley Railway opens Uganda-S Sudan trade after 20 years

Rift Valley Railways (RVR), a platform company of Egypt’s Citadel Capital, has repaired 500 kilometers of track between Tororo in Eastern Uganda and Gulu in the North, opening north and northwest Uganda South Sudan and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to rail services after 20 years of disuse and inefficiency.

Private equity and lenders hop aboard $287m Kenya-Uganda railway

The International Finance Corporation and 6 leading international finance institutions provided $164 million in financing to Rift Valley Railways International to rehabilitate the Kenya-Uganda railway today (2 August).

Kenya’s Transcentury private equity firm to list on Nairobi SE

Kenyan private equity firm TransCentury is to list through introduction at the Nairobi Stock Exchange on 14 July at a price of KES50 (USD0.58) a share. The firm began as an investment club and is valued at KES13.35 billion ($148.7 million).