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IFC to invest up to $700m into new Africa telecoms

The International Finance Corporation plans to invest up to $700 million in new African telecommunications projects in this year and the next, says Reuters.

Conference: African technology and innovation banking

Competitive African bank leaders are seizing opportunities of new technology to reach 250m unbanked families. Conference on emerging markets technology innovation and banking coming up in November in London, organized by Hanson Wade.

Top Africa microfinance conference coming in October

A top conference from 17-19 October will be “Investment & Innovation in Microfinance: Africa” (www.microfinance-africa.com), with a great lineup of speakers, investors and MFIs.

Revolution at Egyptian Exchange – innovations to boost liquidity

The Egyptian Exchange is to introduce new products and trading innovations, including remote orders placed abroad, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), intraday trades and short selling. Mohamed Abdel Salam, chairman of the Exchange, says transparency is up and political uncertainty down in Egypt.

Nairobi SE broker backoffice system to support online share trading

The Nairobi Stock Exchange has bought a new broker back office (BBO) system which it hopes will boost liquidity and attract listings, including offering online trading and is set to go live this March. The exchange and the vendor, Chella Software of India, are training personnel at stockbrokers, investment banks and others. The system cost KSh75 million (US$880,000).

London and Johannesburg stock exchanges migrate to Millennium Exchange system

The main trading platform of the London Stock Exchange was successfully switched from the previous system yesterday (14 Feb) to the Millennium Exchange computer system. Africa’s biggest exchange, the JSE Ltd announced on 3 Feb that it had concluded a licensing agreement with MillenniumIT to move its equity market trading activity onto Millennium Exchange, planned for the first half of 2012. Millennium IT’s systems are widely installed in African stock exchanges.

London Stock Exchange sets love date for switch to MillenniumIT system

The London Stock Exchange is hoping for some love from traders, by announcing 14 February – Valentine’s Day – as the date to switch to anew system for its main SETS trading platform to systems provided by its subsidiary, MillenniumIT. The switch was delayed after a 2-hour outage on 2 November on the LSE’s Turquoise pan-European multi-lateral trading facility, already using technology provided by MillenniumIT.

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange now available on mobile phones

The dynamic Ethiopian Commodity Exchange is further spreading its information feed. Now customers can access general information and their accounts through SMS and voice telephone (“Interactive Voice Receiver”) systems, according to an article in Ethiopia’s Fortune newspaper.