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Africa could repeat China’s long growth story– Renaissance CIO

“Africa reminds me of China back in 1999. If you missed China then, don’t do that (miss Africa) now,” is how Plamen Monovski, chief investment officer at Russia’s Renaissance Asset Managers, describes prospects for Africa. “It’s the last place in the world that is due for that rapid change and advancement.”

Africa is ready for private equity, says EMPEA/FT summit

Government leaders, regulators and decision-makers across Africa recognize the success of private equity in growing companies, creating jobs and developing infrastructure. They are actively considering ways of encouraging flows of capital, both international and domestic, into private equity.

Mobius blogs on why he likes Africa

From the blog of Mark Mobius of Templeton Investments: “While Africa does have challenges, I am encouraged by another side of Africa that is gradually emerging with the development of capital markets, consumerism and technology.”

Giant growth foreseen for African stock exchanges over 10 years

African exchanges could grow dramatically in both market capitalization and turnover in the coming decade, following the explosive trends already charted by the Indian and Chinese markets. This was the view of Sunil Benimadhu, President of the African Stock Exchanges Association (ASEA), speaking at an African investment conference organized by stockbroker Securities Africa in London on 14 March.

Private equity firm sees “compelling opportunities” in Egypt and beyond

A leading African private equity firm, Citadel Capital based in Cairo, says change in Egypt brings “very compelling opportunities for long-term private equity investors in Egypt and beyond.” But it warned in a recent press release: “The situation on the ground in Egypt remains fluid” and there could be “short-term impact on both our investment and divestiture plans.”

Africa features 7 of world’s top 10 economies for the coming year

On IMF forecasts Africa has 7 of the world’s top 10 places for fastest growing economies for the 5 years from 2011-2015, reports the Economist, and 6 of the top 10 over the past decade were also African.