Back the blog – support coverage of ASEA 2010 (bids close 22 October)

Next month’s upcoming African Stock Exchanges Association conference (10-12 November, Zambia) could be a key event in shaping the future developments of African securities exchanges.
There will be scope for important interviews and news, blogged live from the conference meeting in Livingstone, Zambia and giving the world insight into running news of Africa’s booming securities exchanges for bonds and equities, as well as private equity and social impact investment.
Your organization could support the coverage and be at the forefront of the news. We are offering top billing advertising space on our widely-read blog and will use the money raised to support attending ASEA and to widen and deepen our high-quality coverage of Africa’s capital markets (currently written by a volunteer capital markets professional, see about us).
This is a key opportunity for your investment institution, bank, stockbroker or other company if you want to be identified as THE important role player shaping the future of investment on the world’s new frontier.
Interested advertisers are invited to bid for 1 month’s advertising on this blog, expected to start from a minimum of $500 per month. The top 2 or 3 may be accepted. We will also make sure you get well recognized in the ASEA coverage. The bidding closes on 22 October.
Please send bids by email to tom.minney[at]

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