Africa investor offers masterclass in Bond Markets

Africa investor (Ai) magazine ( is organizing a Bond Markets Masterclass, designed for public and private sector capital market specialists from across Africa. It is part of a series of training organised by the Africa investor Academy. The course will be from 31 May-1 June in Sandton, Johannesburg.
Trainer Michael Preiss is founder and Chief Investment Strategist of African Asset Management Ltd ( and advisor on a Global Board of Standards on Wealth Management and Private Banking curriculum for the Middle-East and Asia with the International Academy of Financial Management (website a bit confusing).
Those who could attend include: capital market regulators; debt management offices; heads of municipal Treasury; chief financial officers from listed companies; central banks; securities brokers; life insurance companies; pension funds and issuers of corporate bonds.
The agenda includes investment and bond market dynamics, valuations, techniques and case studies to give understanding of market size; getting high enough trading volumes to create a sufficiently liquid market; measures against speculative attacks; the balance between a market-driven rate and an affordable rate; promoting local interest and investment in bond programmes.
Attendees will also learn: how to develop a bond market; valuation of fixed-income securities; understanding yield spreads; municipal and corporate bond programmes; improving liquidity; working towards a more stable currency market; and learning about the global environment and international transfer of knowledge.
The cost for the Africa investor Bond Markets Masterclass is £1,199 ($1,834). Contact

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