Welcome to Abidjan – 17th African Securities Exchanges Association conference


Photos: Tom Minney
Wishing all group members who are here in Abidjan an excellent gathering for the 17th African Securities Exchanges Association meeting. The agenda looks excellent and it exciting to see many people gathering with determination to bring improvements and developments in our capital markets.
Congrats to the Bourse régionale des valeurs mobilières (BRVM) and to ASEA on again organizing an excellent and well constructed conference. The agenda and the speakers look excellent!
As I arrived, I have been very much enjoying looking around at Abidjan, my first visit. The city is beautiful, constructed on bridges lacing across the lagoon and sweeping the traffic around green islets. All the Ivoirians I have spoken to so far (hotel staff) are very proud of their city and excited to see it regain its former glory. It looks spectacular, and calm and organized for a city of 6 million, with giant boulevards and much greenery.
The scale of business here is impressive, with a truly regional stock exchange which joins 8 African countries, the African Development Bank is also racing to get back into its headquarters and in the haze a giant port through which lots of cocoa reaches the eager world. Long bridges link the city and plans are alive to build a third bridge to the east of the hotel, and even tramways.
Abidjan – reawakening economic giant.
West Africa is blessed with a chain of great economic and cultural cities, linked by highways and other ties and complementing each other towards unified African growth.
For more on the conference look here.
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